I have always had a long hair in my whole life and I really want to cut it sooo bad. And I want my hair done just like Victoria Beckham (Lol) seriously! But I have to find a better salon.. for a better looks and result. And I maybe have to put highlights again.. I used to put highlights back when I was still in the Philippines. And It's more cheaper there compare here but it's not so bad if I will get my hair done here. Because for sure not all salon are expensive. When I was looking a salon online, browsing the prices and etc. I found out that Temecula Hair Stylist has everything that I want. Women's haircut that includes massage, shampoo, blow dry and style won't cost much money b/c it's 45+ dollars and they offer a wide variety of extensions to fit your budget! Isn't that great?! hhhmmm I am thinking what about a hairlocks??? Anyways, I am looking forward for this coming summer so that I could cut my hair. And I won't get irritated with my long hair at all! I am just so tired brushing it 'til to my waist everyday!

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