It's a sad day in Philippine history...

Former President Corazon "Cory" Cojuangco Aquino passed away Saturday morning at 3:18a.m. after battling colon cancer for more than a year. She was 76.

“Faith is not simply a patience that passively suffers until the storm is past. Rather, it is a spirit that bears things - with resignations, yes, but above all, with blazing, serene hope.”

“I would rather die a meaningful death than to live a meaningless life.”


May she rest in peace.

My lil sister

You’re so far away,
but you’re here
in my heart every day

I know how lucky I am
to have a sister like you.
You’re not just family,
but my best friend too.

I only wish that you
lived closer to me,
so we could get together
to share over a cup of tea.

But even though you’re not here,
it’s such a good feeling
to know you’re out there…
sharing and caring
and making each day,
so much brighter
in your own special way

All of the warmth you send
shines through,
and there will always be
a place in my heart for you.

Yes! There's nothing wrong for being different, but beware to the person that you just meet, it might be so dangerous... I was so anxious watching this movie yesterday, and totally scared me to death.. OMG!

Dark Age of Camelot, is an online role playing game. I've decided to have my own character so that I could play at the same time with my husband. At first, I don't have any clue about this game, I don't even know about moving by using keys. One time, when I was still in Philippines, hubby and I used to talk sometime thru yahoo messenger while he was playing this game. He said that since I type firmly it's good for me to play his game which is Dark Age of Camelot. Well, I told him, I gotta try if I will like it or not, so he didn't expect too much from me. When I got here, he registered me to this game right away. Thu you have to pay 70 dollars good for 6 months, it's all worth it... I enjoyed the game, and it helped being bored at home. Sometimes I even forgot the time. I even miss my meal... More people, even kids are enjoying this kind of game than out-field game.

my character named hhhhmm just kindly look at her name, above of her head
I started playing this game when my husband bought a computer of my own coz we can't play together and make a group if were using a one computer at the same time.
this guy is the character that played by my husband... were both level 44 at this moment but we are coping to reach the highest level so that we could fight and survive to our battle with the other online enemy.


I thought, I am one month pregnant.. I wasss so happy and excited to have a baby. I've been telling my family in laws and my family back home that I might have a baby soon. Everyday, I am inspired just thinking havin' a baby in my arms. One time, when my husband got home from work, I teased him that I just had my period and he's so mad at me. Later on, I apologize and I swore will not tease him like that again.
But everything was change when I woke up this morning, I feel something on my legs.. it's so slippery so I stood up and it's a blood! I am not surprised nor happy. I am so damn down and weak to find out that I am not pregnant. Those days that 'thinking' I am preggy was just a fantasy. My period just delayed for one week, never thought it could happened. I told myself... so what? so be it! I called my husband from work right away to let him know what's happening, and then I look up as a tear rolls slowly down my cheek as though I am always in control but not today not now like for once I don't have any answer.
He tried to cheer me up though I know, he is disappointed too. Maybe this is not the right time for us to have a baby. We both want a baby so bad... But well, only god knows when.


Some people won't believe in you because they think it's impossible, some may judge you, they won't encourage you to follow your dreams, but you must always believe in you, no matter how long the journey ahead seems. Some will be jealous of you, their words will be sharp and unkind, but you must close your ears to such words, and never allow them to change your direction or your mind. These is based on my experiences in life. And for my sister Jane, I'll always believe in you and encourage you to follow your dreams, and I'll try my best to show you that the road is never as long as it seems. I'll cheer for you, my words will be warm and kind, because I truly treasure you. You own a part of my heart and you're always on my mind.

Finally, I spend time with my husband,he's been working a lot! missing being with him, his company, presence and everything. He worked for 12 hours every shift...(day or night) shift. Well, he took me to the restaurant last night for dinner and as I always love to eat, chickennnnn.... paku nalang kuwang unya naku. Anyway, just got nothing to post in here and got nothing new stories to tell. These is just random things I did from yesterday.

kadjot! init pa! dili jud kahuwat wui! (duh! lami man gud!) hehehe
Cge guys, kaon sa ko! ngaun ta ninyo? lol

Trouble arrives in measures,
and we stack it up real high,
until we're convinced,
we have no reason to try.
If you feel defeated,
you're absolutely wrong,
for if you follow your dream,
you could never lose for long.
Ignore the minor set-backs that pile up and trouble you,
or you will build a mountain,
out of the stones hurled at you.
The future holds great promise,
your destiny unknown,
but God is always helping,
and you're never alone.
Soar bravely toward your goal.
Let nothing darken the way.
You can change your tomorrow,
if you seek your dream today.


We went to the Walmart one time and we're looking for my flip flops but my husband saw something interesting like transformers. Sounds funny I know but we both addicted to the transformers movie.
He owned the Megatron while I am so obsessed about this yellow car called Bumble-bee. He said that next weekend we're going to buy another transformers car collection. Isn't that crazy?
they are ready to transform....
I never thought that car would really transformed. For me, It's impossible! Well, I was quite ignorant coz thought that's just really a car.
here's sideswipe, he is ready to fight, it was assembled by my hubby. Whose just like a kid that loves robots. I just love the cars
And here is my bumble bee. The coolest car for me. I had a hard time turning him into a robot coz that was really really difficult.
Sideswipe and Bumblebee
Hahahaha mura'g bata! Palag suya! hahahaha boot? lol
He's just reading the instructions, hey men! thought you're smart enough to do it without guide? Don't be a cheater!

Here are my random photos from my phone... I took snap shots of my goats this past few days when the time I was mowing the grass and had my break.

We live in a country that made us decide to raise a goats.... so that I won't get bored at home.
I am not picky in living, I grown up raising animals. And here is my short story...

Back when I was a toddler, we live in a province with my mother, I am the eldest among the five siblings, I stand as the second father because he works in the city. My mother has 4 Carabao's, 5 Cows, 8 Goats. She decided to raised that kind of animals so that she could afford to send her children to college. Mother wasn't able to finish her study because of poverty. So she's coping for her children .... I know raising animals like that isn't easy...she's going to sell it, earned money and paid off our tuition fees. It may be unbelievable that we have that much animals... Yes! my mother has a dream... She ever wanted the best for her children to become an educated one... As she always say, 'poverty is not the hindrance to succeed'..
And now, she still have 3 kids more left to send to the university for college. If we just rely on fathers salary, we won't make it to go to college...

We may face the ever ever worst problem in our lives, that's when my father can't pay my graduation fee.. but my mother sold one of her young carabao so that I could graduate in college. They made a good choice, because, If they're going to ask to borrow money to their siblings??????.....hhhhmmmmm boyboy lang ang madawat. Ginoo nalang ang mag igo nila, 'KUNG HATAG, HATAG... KUNG HUWAM, HUWAM....

And I am so proud of my thoughtful parents... Eventhough they don't have enough education, they still think about their children's future. And thank God, nga akong mama dili nawong og kwarta og kamao malooy... not like the otherssss... you must pay them back because they
helped you when you were struggling... like you owe them without even knowing...

Anyway, I am contented for what I have now, having a happy, loving and God fearing family.

This is when they saw me quitting mowing the grass...
When I sat in the grass to unwind with my goats..

Giving them more attention for them to feel that I care about this lil pretty goats
I had fun playing with them while waiting for my hubby to get home..


We pledge to each other to be loving friends and partners in marriage.
To talk and to listen, to trust and appreciate one another;
to respect and cherish each other's uniqueness; and to
support, comfort and strengthen each other through life's joys and sorrows.
We promise to share hopes, thoughts and dreams as we build our lives together.
May our lives be ever intertwined, our love keeping us together.
We will build a home that is compassionate to all,
full of respect and honor for others and each other.
May our home be forever filled with peace, happiness and love.

But sometimes, seem like I forget these pledge, I beg your pardon! And thank you for reminding me always that I love you and you are my best friend... I thank you for being there for me always, for being a listener, a friend and for cheering me up when the time somebody tried to ruined my life. We love each other and that's the best weapon that we have.... strong enough to be destroyed by a pathetic freak chiefly for material gain.

Seen this in Little Rock Theater

I got this chain from my online friend TeJan... I wanna thank you a lot!... hope u'll never change and keep up the good work...


I just take a break from mowing right now, I could hardly breath.... hoooh!

Anyway, I finally drove a car with my husband... and that was ridiculous, were turning around the lil town before we go to Taco bell for lunch. I loved driving but I didn't own a car when I was growing up. We're not that rich that can afford a car in my country. My parents can only afford to send us to college but not a 'car'...

Hubby and I decided to have a practice every day off he'll have so that I could drive smoother... He just realize that he might need me to drive for him coz he often have his gout.... One thing am scared of wreck... while I was in the car, I breath deep and prayed... pray to god that we won't wreck! And thanks god he heard my prayers.... we got home safe. And next week,
keen to drive again...


n little rock's zoo
pa cute sa ko gamay
gggggrrrrrr maka matay!
kani maoy kuyaw!
I am totally worn out today og walay tugpa! coz we go straight to each of our computers and play online games together but it's okay, I had fun and I spent time with my husband bec this next weekend, he'll be at work. Am still wide awake until now, busy uploading the pictures on my friendster... and taking care of our dogs... Imagine we stayed there @ d zoo for almost half day and we got home 12 p.m. bec, we also watch the movie called 'The Proposal'.. really really nice movie and stayed up for online game for 4 hours?! hhhhmmm adik2xxxxxx can't almost type the words here.... murag hubog.. cge guys.. I'll let yah go, murag knock out naku!

This is where we go right after from zoo
the amazing fire infront of us,
hhhmmm can't wait to have a bite!
as always, everywhere I go, chicken and shrimps must go into my plate