Wednesday night while I was watching Meteor Garden on You Tube, I was thinking about what I'm gonna wear for our dinner date this coming Sunday??? We were planning to have a dinner together at "Fulin" (chinese restaurant) since it's my hubby's day off.. so I decided to fill the void by taking a quick power break on my computer. I went to the closet and see if my black dress's still there. Ever since my husband bought it on VS, I haven't had the chance to wear this.. so when I try it on, it was so disappointing! my bil2x ning lakra jud lolz! It is tighter than I thought! Dang it! It made me realize that I need to lose more weight. I really love this dress with my black boots but then I have to suffer eating green vegetables for my diet =(

One week ago, I've downloaded a ym to my hubby's computer (his is Asus) he just bought it not a long time ago bec. he broke his old one just bec of virus plus his game wasn't good at all so he found out that "Asus" is a smooth PC for gaming but not good in net surfing! (Microsoft window)

When he got home yesterday morning and check his farm on farmville, he saw a ym there and talked to me to not download anything on his computer like ym and etc. bec. he hates something that causes viruses on his computer no matter what kind of anti virus he has, still won't work. And it pisses him off!

I've learned a lot of things from him about software etc...

When I got here and when were planning a computer for me, I was clueless about computer brands... bec. for me as long as it has internet connection, that's all that really matters. But when he discussed about the different kinds of computers, how they work well and how long they will last... so when he told me that he wants an Imac of Apple brand for me, honestly, I didn't wish to have an Imac b/c one thing; it's expensive butttt you cannot find any virus problems... and you can do whatever you wanna do with Imac and it's all-in-one desktop (web cam, speaker, mic & itunes) computer. And you can download everything right away, you can open any sites that you want still it runs smoothly. Unlike with Microsoft Office or Windows, there are times that the internet run so good and there are times that they sucks! 'Til then "my ignorance amuses me"... maybe you have another term or way saying it. So I've choose Imac!

Considering a Mac, but is the price worth it??? "yes" the fact they are produced by one company -Apple, for that price you get the satisfaction of knowing that any software you get will run fine.


Had a great day yesterday with my husband in Little-Rock. After we had our dinner at "On the Border" a Mexican Grill, we went to the theater to watch some movies.

"Law Abiding Citizen"

A man who, ten years after his wife and daughter are brutally murdered, returns to extract justice from the assistant district attorney who prosecuted the against their killers. His vengeance threatens not only the man who allowed mercy to the justice but alsoo the system that made it so.

I love this movie so much... know why???? b/c I'll do the same way if somebody will hurt my family.. maybe worse.

"Paranormal Activity"

This movie really scares me! but not my husband... according to him this movie is "ODD"..
Anyway, I don't care! it's kinda like a Documentary but still all the viewers really screamed! mostly girlssssss you know!

I still love the Citizen movie =)

Yesterday, after we had our lunch at Larry's Pizza, we went to Walmart to buy groceries. And I had this boots on... while we're looking for a tissue paper, the black women came across and say "whata bad boots you got sister" and ohhhh I was terrified. I just don't know what to sayyyy until my husband says "thank you"! Oh well, never thought she would like my boots. Anyway, since it's already fall, I had a hard time looking for a cheap and nice boots until I end up with this "Jessica Simpson" boots. I kinda like the boots of Victoria Secret because it's only $90-$100 but when we went to the mall, everything was changed when I try this on... "perfect fit!" but damn me, I forgot to check the price.. so when I find out that the price was pretty expensive, I check my money on my wallet, and OMG! it was just exactly the amount of this boots. W/o thinking twice, I grab it and didn't even care that I'll be broke tomorrow and run to the cashier but hhhmmm I luckily save the money on that time because my husband just paid for it.

This movie scaressssssss the hell out of me! We've watched this movie yesterday and it was quite good and can't help to scream though... don't miss to watch it! you could learn some lessons from it.

There are those rare reasons why I have not write something here... one, it is because I was hiding under the porch! hahahaha joke! I was just so lazy.. honestly, I am a lazy person but sometimes I force myself to do something because it's necessary. Anyway, I will try my very best to update my blog every free time that I will have.

by Celine Dion... just singing..

I was watching the Maala-ala mo kaya while having a sneak peek of Sandara Park's Vids...
can't help myself to focus on watching the Cake episode sa "Maala-ala mo kaya" My gulay... it's so touching as in! can't help tears rolled down my cheeks... and it is so true na mahirap mag trabaho sa ibang bansa pero mas mahirap mag hanap nang toong magmamahal.

"When we talk about love, hindi tayo nanunuri ng pagkatao, love is more than that... kung kaya nating ibagay ang ating sarili sa kabila nang lahat na hindi dapat natin ku question'n kung sya ang tama o dapat mahalin, yung di tayu tumitingin sa pisikal na anyu... sa totoo lang po "na mahirap mag trabaho sa ibang bansa pero mas mahirap mag hanap nang toong magmamahal. -Charo Santos