Summer is coming once again.. Everybody wants to stay cool during this summer time. Especially to those who just stay at home. Last summer, we had some trouble with our AC and hubby tried to fix it but unfortunately, we just decided to replace it and buy a new one. It was quite expensive though we should just fix it. Anyway, air conditioning Salt Lake City's premier air conditioning repair, maintenance, and installation experts.

You can count on Armstrong Air 418LT air conditioners and heat pumps for years of dependable comfort. The two-stage compressor raises the level of comfort, and lowers utility bills. Its revolutionary two-step design allows the compressor to operate at low speed most of the time for quieter, more consistent comfort and better humidity control.

And the Coleman comfort design has two parts: an indoor unit, such as a furnace or air handler, and an outdoor unit. The outdoor unit works by cooling a refrigerant, which in turn cools air in the indoor unit for circulation through your home. Indoor and outdoor units are designed to work together. When the air conditioner is properly matched with a furnace or air handler, you get maximum efficiency and longer system life.
If you need help with your furnace, air conditioner, the heating and cooling system, contact them now for immediate assistance. Good luck!


I've Been Having Trouble printing nice decorative images just like for e.g. Birthday cards, Christmas cards, Invitation cards and etc... And I was looking looking for a print provider that has a high quality, affordable and customizable. Since I am looking for something that is personal, like note card.. 3M Post it Notes has many ways to use, has unique note cards... Personalized Note Cards start at just $7.95 for 10. And since mother's day is coming, this is a perfect way to show our love and affection to our dear mothers. Not only that! You can also you upload photos on your own design... it's free and easy! You can choose design any way you want to etc. They have business cards for your work, everything that is important.

Hhhhmm this really could help me for different kinds of occasions. They really made it so easy! And this is also helpful to those who just start their businesses... They could create any size of banners.. it's either small banners, medium or large... just click here and click there, your banners are done!

If you are having problems with your internet, it just goes off for secs to a few mins then reconects itself.. Mostly, lots of people complain about their internet connection that really sucks. There's no way they're worth that much money you've paid.

The satellite internet service providers access service for homes, home offices small offices or everywhere. It is now available in virtually every location across the continental United States. It's just easy! For PC/ Windows users 300 MHz or faster processing speed, minimum 128 MB Random Access Memory (RAM), and Windows, ME, 2000, Vista, XP Home or XP Professional operating system. 100 MB of hard drive space and an Ethernet card are required.
And for Macintosh users like me, 300 MHz or faster processing speed, 128MB Random Access Memory (RAM), and OS 10.2 or higher operating system. 100 MB of hard drive space and an Ethernet card are required.

And plus, they offers different packages that provide different speed level. So grab it now if you are having trouble with your connection.

One of the best romantic moments I experienced in life was our honeymoon. Though we had our honeymoon before our wedding, still it was indeed unforgettable. We both enjoy the trip, the adventures, the food, the beaches and especially our room. Our room has a swimming pool in the balcony that is really rare compare to the other hotel room. It was a perfect getaway for both us!

And if you are looking for the best honeymoon possible, then you need to consider the Costa Rica resort. Aside from planning for wedding, you should also plan the best place for your honeymoon.
For a destination wedding or a honeymoon filled with a lifetime of memories, there is no more romantic natural stage than Costa Rica resort. Their intimate setting and natural beauty create an enchanting destination for lovers and dreamers, young and old.

Oh my God, I wanna get married again and have another honeymoon.. I really missed those days.. the smell of the scented candle during our dinner, the smell of the breeze, and those beautiful white sands, and "lazy ocean hugs the shore". Wish he'll propose again ;-D

OMG! I can't seem to wait this movie, I am totally going crazy! I've watch this teaser so many times. GGGRRRRR

Since hubby and I are planning to do some home renovation, we are thinking about what kind of stuff we do have to fix first aside from the living room floor. I was thinking about painting the inside walls because it's easy for me to do it a little bit at a time. And wanna do something else outside in our house before the summer time will come. Changes of scenery would do some good so I wanna change our shutters too. And then I started browsing through the net though it takes time for me to choose which one. I am looking for the best quality authentic wood shutters. And really don't know yet which one is best for our window. I am still looking until now and hopefully by tomorrow I can decide the one that I really like. I may need some suggestions from my partner or from my family then. Plus, I can just buy it through online to make it easy and it's free shipping. Hhhhmm I may go ahead and start looking more.

Back when I was in college, my eyes started having problems thought I need to wear an eyeglasses
forever. But luckily my eyes stops hurting when my computer subject was over. Honestly, I was hoping on that time that I really have to wear an eyeglasses hehehe. I just love to wear one. One time I told my husband that I want to wear one of those but he sounded like "nuh you don't need that"! but he just say "you need to have some eye check up first" instead! I just wanna look like "genius" harkharkhark though I am not! Until I found this online store that sells eyeglasses. And then I started finding something that I really like. I was planning to order online instead of buying it in the store. Plus their eyeglasses are so cheap and so stylish. And the shipping is only 4.95 dollars for your entire order.


I wanna own one of the howard miller clocks someday! Hopefully by the next time we move. It's just something that I really like to put in a living room or in a dining room. The only clock that we own is just a wall clock that really made me wanting something that is decent and simple.
This is my Ideal Clock..
This large curio floor clock from the Broadmour collection features an arched pediment which showcases bookmatched, rare olive ash burl overlays.

A special cast dial offers elaborate corner spandrels and center disk with an astrological, blue moon phase.

The special cast design continues on the brass weights and pendulum.

Crystal-cut grooved glass is prominent on the lower locking door and sides. More crystal-cut glass can be seen on the escapement panels.

A total of six glass shelves are offered for presenting your collectibles — three adjustable shelves run across the entire width of the cabinet, 5-1/2"" behind the moving pendulum.

I can't wait to show this to my husband. For sure he will like this!

Yesterday morning, hubby and I were planning to do some home renovations. And I am now doing some house plan details for us to start with. Since we're living out in the country, I get to see all the pretty trees and flowers in a peaceful surroundings. Doing some house plans really drives me crazy because I wanna take care our back porch first since summer is gonna be here soon. But hubby wants to do something else aside from the back porch and we really need to do some floor plans. Though most home designers and builders are men and most home buying decisions are made by the women. Renovating, designing, building a house is not so easy especially when you don't know what design you really like. But if both partners agreed about the house plans, everything will work smoothly.

Do you love sports? We all love sport such as basketball, volleyball, baseball, football, hockey and etc. But sports has tips and tricks for us to win. And for e.g. there are 3 smart strategies for the football that can be very helpful.. There's so many ways to bet on sports... however there are many variables involved in the determination on how do sport betting lines work?

Honestly, I don't know anything about sports, all I know is casino gambling though for me gambling has lots of fun and even bring you some fast cash as well. Just like the people who love sports. Knowing your niche is the best thing to do for us to win whether you are a player or a gambler. Pick the sport that holds our interest and stick with it... study the sport itself and learn the ins and outs.

I am a plain house wife and most of the time I get bored especially when my husband is working. Though I have this two dogs inside our house still I am so bored. Most of the time I'm always in my computer facebooking, net surfing, talking to my siblings online, chatting with my friends back home, watching videos on YouTube and of course, having fun playing online games except my official online game I also play funbrain. I played different kinds of game everyday because I easily get tired playing just one game at a time. And luckily I have lots of choices what kind of game that I wanna play. It depends on my mood sometimes though. One time when I let my husband play one of the games on funbrain, he started playing then. They have action, adventure, board game, casino (that my mother inlaw's favorite online game), dress up, education, fighting, puzzle, rhythm, shooting, sports and etc. But of course you have to register for you to earn points. They have this game called "Alice in Wonderland" that kids would love to play.. Oh I can't wait to have a kid someday. Plus their games could really help to those who have children because they have this "puzzle gormiti", music memory, arabic letters, spongebob memory matching, puzzle dinosaurs, tetword pro and etc.

Six months ago, I already got my debit card with the help of my husband but I'd prefer to have a credit card and were planning to get one though I am scared what if I lose control of my spending??? I hope I won't spend so much in it by the time I have a credit card. It would be so hard for me to pay it if my payments were way too high. But this is how I can prove to myself that I can handle money and credit card wisely because I don't want to be in so much debt that I don't know what to do. That would cause me so much stress. So I did some research about the advantages and disadvantages of credit cards though my husband shared some things about it.
The advantages of a credit card can offer free use of funds, be more convenient to carry than cash which is true, when you rent a car or stay in a hotel room you must provide a credit card plus it can help you to establish a good credit history so you can raise your credit score. But on the other hand, credit cards can damage your credit rating if your payments are late and it allows you to build more credit.

My husband told me the good way to help reduce what you pay on your credit card is to have a card that has a lower interest rate because based on his experienced some of his credit cards has high interest and that was the first thing he had paid off. There are financial institution now that offers at least one of these types of cards that has a lower interest.