Yesterday, after we had our lunch at Larry's Pizza, we went to Walmart to buy groceries. And I had this boots on... while we're looking for a tissue paper, the black women came across and say "whata bad boots you got sister" and ohhhh I was terrified. I just don't know what to sayyyy until my husband says "thank you"! Oh well, never thought she would like my boots. Anyway, since it's already fall, I had a hard time looking for a cheap and nice boots until I end up with this "Jessica Simpson" boots. I kinda like the boots of Victoria Secret because it's only $90-$100 but when we went to the mall, everything was changed when I try this on... "perfect fit!" but damn me, I forgot to check the price.. so when I find out that the price was pretty expensive, I check my money on my wallet, and OMG! it was just exactly the amount of this boots. W/o thinking twice, I grab it and didn't even care that I'll be broke tomorrow and run to the cashier but hhhmmm I luckily save the money on that time because my husband just paid for it.

4 Responses
  1. S-H-Y Says:

    Ka nice sa boots nimo girl oi, nahan au ko mo igat jd ka ana og samot lol :P..

  2. egat Says:

    lol.... thanks =)

  3. teJan Says:

    hi dear mariz.., really nice choice dear:) love it too! keep rockin'!

  4. egat Says:

    thanks ate Jan.. =)