One week ago, I've downloaded a ym to my hubby's computer (his is Asus) he just bought it not a long time ago bec. he broke his old one just bec of virus plus his game wasn't good at all so he found out that "Asus" is a smooth PC for gaming but not good in net surfing! (Microsoft window)

When he got home yesterday morning and check his farm on farmville, he saw a ym there and talked to me to not download anything on his computer like ym and etc. bec. he hates something that causes viruses on his computer no matter what kind of anti virus he has, still won't work. And it pisses him off!

I've learned a lot of things from him about software etc...

When I got here and when were planning a computer for me, I was clueless about computer brands... bec. for me as long as it has internet connection, that's all that really matters. But when he discussed about the different kinds of computers, how they work well and how long they will last... so when he told me that he wants an Imac of Apple brand for me, honestly, I didn't wish to have an Imac b/c one thing; it's expensive butttt you cannot find any virus problems... and you can do whatever you wanna do with Imac and it's all-in-one desktop (web cam, speaker, mic & itunes) computer. And you can download everything right away, you can open any sites that you want still it runs smoothly. Unlike with Microsoft Office or Windows, there are times that the internet run so good and there are times that they sucks! 'Til then "my ignorance amuses me"... maybe you have another term or way saying it. So I've choose Imac!

Considering a Mac, but is the price worth it??? "yes" the fact they are produced by one company -Apple, for that price you get the satisfaction of knowing that any software you get will run fine.


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