Wednesday night while I was watching Meteor Garden on You Tube, I was thinking about what I'm gonna wear for our dinner date this coming Sunday??? We were planning to have a dinner together at "Fulin" (chinese restaurant) since it's my hubby's day off.. so I decided to fill the void by taking a quick power break on my computer. I went to the closet and see if my black dress's still there. Ever since my husband bought it on VS, I haven't had the chance to wear this.. so when I try it on, it was so disappointing! my bil2x ning lakra jud lolz! It is tighter than I thought! Dang it! It made me realize that I need to lose more weight. I really love this dress with my black boots but then I have to suffer eating green vegetables for my diet =(

5 Responses
  1. laikka Says:

    hahaha..yap the dress is simply elegant and sexy:)

  2. S-H-Y Says:

    Nice au sya na dress ggirl..

  3. stella Says:

    i like the color! nindot xa~