Yesterday was a busy day for me.. we went to Little Rock for my sss and after that we tried to find a Catholic Church since we failed last Sunday and I really felt bad b/c all of the churches there were close. What we did then, we decided just to go ahead to the restaurant where we gonna have a dinner with hubby's co-worker. Some of them I met not along time ago, some are not! And I enjoy their company, we had some drinks like different kinds of beer at Vino's. At first we tried the sampler then we order the one that we like.

Then I finally met Tess. She is a wife of my hubby's manager. She's also a filipina. She seem so nice so I want to see her again some other time. And Vino's had a good pizza too, while we were busy drinking beers, some are busy eating pizza, we talked at the same time. I don't even know which side to listen... lol =) I really had fun though.
And last but not the least picture is Steve. A nice friend and a co-worker of my husband at the time. He brought his two kids... and his eldest daughter just age like me. I tease him that I'm just like your daughter and he was terrified when I say that.... Anyway, it was my first time seeing Steve and Tess with Nelson.
And this next week, were planning to have a dinner again @ Fulin's (chinese restaurant) in Little Rock with Kate and Dave. I am craving for sweet and sour chicken. It's one of my favorite chinese dish ever.

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