I got a 5 year old sister who's in kinder-gar-ten now. And this site sure a big help to herToddler Music Class. I am sure she'll love this.

The Benefits of their Music Classes For Toddlers">

-Music and Literacy
Early music experiences can have a significant impact on literacy and reading. According to experts, learning to read depends on acquiring a variety of skills, including phonological processing, oral language, and comprehension. So when it comes to these literacy-boosting skills.

-Music and Math
There is no longer any doubt that there is a significant link between early music instruction and cognitive growth in certain other, “nonmusical” abilities, such as math, memory, and spatial-temporal reasoning. In fact, studies focused specifically on music for young children even suggest that these cognitive gains increase according to the number of years that students engage in active music learning, and even that the younger children are when they begin, the greater the gains will be!

-Music and Social-Emotional Development
Research demonstrates that involvement in music and movement activities from an early age helps children develop good social and emotional skills. Research also links social and emotional development with school-readiness and even with higher academic testing scores. It's no surprise. After all, the same skills that foster emotional security and social success - skills like confidence, curiosity, cooperation, self-regulation, and good listening - predict cognitive achievement and academic success as well Kindermusik or Music Together.

Music Classes For Toddlers"> Age ranges: Newborn and up /Newborn to 18 months/6 months-3 yrs/18 months to 3 years old/3-5 years old/5-7 years old/7 years old/and 2-7 years old.

Music Classes For Toddlers
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