There are things that we are not allowed to return..

Last week we went to the clothing store to buy a shirt and unfortunately, I didn't try it on while we're still in the mall. I just found out that the shirt that we bought was too tight for me. And I am wondering if I can return it and change the size of my shirt. But I use it already, so I was thinking maybe I'll just have to keep it and wear it when ever I lose weight. Because some store will not accept any return items once they are used. This site costume-returns explains the things that you can return and cannot return. Like for example, you bought an Eye lashes, you can only return that item if it's still in the original packaging because once you open it, you cannot return it anymore. Any products that is not factory sealed are not returnable. Some of my unused stuff are just laying around... some of them are useless b/c I didn't use them well, some are just dull to me though I bought it just recently. I realized that next time when I like something to buy, I'll make sure that it's important and useable to me.

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