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Today's IT security and authentication professionals have less confidence and greater concerns for their organization.

For Websites; Create a safer experience for your online customers.
-Adds a simple second form of authentication using your customer's own place
this is just one of the examples.
For consumers; It can protect your online identity from the hackers
For enterprises; fortify your enterprise logins with free two-factor
Biometric Authentication Service I may have to share this to my husband because it really sounds so helpful to me. They have an Online Demo that won't take any time for you to learn by yourself. They have Free Download, Solutions and etc. You can also "Live chat" to them.

They provide tokenless two-factor authentication Secures corporate or website.
It's a service that used any phone as a second form of authentication. and it's easy and cost effective to set up and deploy to large numbers of geographically diverse users.

2 Factor Authentication offers the strongest level of security for protecting employee and customer access and it has more cost efficient and easier to implement than other two-factor of authentication. It's extremely responsible and helpful to you, so even if the user's anthenticated session has been hijacked on their computer, their account is still protected.
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