It took for how many days for me to finish the enthusiast episodes of Meteor Garden through You Tube. Can't seem to remember everything at all! That love story came out six-years ago when I was in 4th year high-school. I remember when I got home, I turn on the t.v., and watch Meteor Garden everyday. I cannot even change my uniform b/c I don't wanna miss even just one episode... Until I became a MG addict! But not only me, It wasn't a surprise that all of my classmates are addicted too. May be the whole filipino students, as well as the whole world loves Meteor Garden... even a granny! wow! what the heck? lol they even made a poem for the F4 and had a contest for those who's the best poet. I admit I was OA on that time b/c I had a collection of their photos, wall papers and etc. And dreaming "how wonderful it would be to be with Waze lei" (one of the F4) hahaha I THINK THIS IS WHY IT'S SUCH AN HONOR TO HEAR THE STORIES OF WHO YOU WERE IN HIGH SCHOOL. I have been trying to catch up our lessons but omg, I was too excited to go home and be ready for the Meteor Garden. Back when I was in 2nd-3rd year, I was addicted to caucasian boy band but when the F4 came along, gggrrrr I was hypnotized but not for didn't last long because I moved to the City and went college I guess my priority was "study"! char honestly not for a year... sekreto nalang para bibo!

I have this beliefs that we are always every age we've ever been! =)

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