Brosix offers a communication service for companies and organizations. Brosix is an Instant Messenger with rich features to help companies and organizations in their every-day employee-to-employee, employee-to-customer or employee-to-partner communication.

This can be use in Mac too!
Finding the perfect instant messenger can be a harrowing process. One that can do everything that you need. Today, we will be looking at Brosix for Mac.

The install Icon
The program installs easily, and quickly. Not that you would expect anything less, but it’s always good to know.

Disktop Use
This software runs smoothly without any of the usual flaws that comes with cross platform software. It has great graphic icons, but just in case you can’t remember what each one is, hovering will produce a reminder bubble. The system does not send you any annoying warning bubbles, that you sometimes end up with by default when you get a program that also runs on Windows. (Fun fact, it also runs on Linux, so if you know anyone else on the other side of the Unix world you can chat with them easily. One more problem in your world solved.) There is no delay in between the IM’s, like you sometimes see on web based only IM’s. Granted, it wasn’t a long drive, but it was annoying, and we can all do with a bit less annoyance in our worlds.

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