Since hubby and I are planning to do some home renovation, we are thinking about what kind of stuff we do have to fix first aside from the living room floor. I was thinking about painting the inside walls because it's easy for me to do it a little bit at a time. And wanna do something else outside in our house before the summer time will come. Changes of scenery would do some good so I wanna change our shutters too. And then I started browsing through the net though it takes time for me to choose which one. I am looking for the best quality authentic wood shutters. And really don't know yet which one is best for our window. I am still looking until now and hopefully by tomorrow I can decide the one that I really like. I may need some suggestions from my partner or from my family then. Plus, I can just buy it through online to make it easy and it's free shipping. Hhhhmm I may go ahead and start looking more.

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