Back when I was in college, my eyes started having problems thought I need to wear an eyeglasses
forever. But luckily my eyes stops hurting when my computer subject was over. Honestly, I was hoping on that time that I really have to wear an eyeglasses hehehe. I just love to wear one. One time I told my husband that I want to wear one of those but he sounded like "nuh you don't need that"! but he just say "you need to have some eye check up first" instead! I just wanna look like "genius" harkharkhark though I am not! Until I found this online store that sells eyeglasses. And then I started finding something that I really like. I was planning to order online instead of buying it in the store. Plus their eyeglasses are so cheap and so stylish. And the shipping is only 4.95 dollars for your entire order.

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