One of the best romantic moments I experienced in life was our honeymoon. Though we had our honeymoon before our wedding, still it was indeed unforgettable. We both enjoy the trip, the adventures, the food, the beaches and especially our room. Our room has a swimming pool in the balcony that is really rare compare to the other hotel room. It was a perfect getaway for both us!

And if you are looking for the best honeymoon possible, then you need to consider the Costa Rica resort. Aside from planning for wedding, you should also plan the best place for your honeymoon.
For a destination wedding or a honeymoon filled with a lifetime of memories, there is no more romantic natural stage than Costa Rica resort. Their intimate setting and natural beauty create an enchanting destination for lovers and dreamers, young and old.

Oh my God, I wanna get married again and have another honeymoon.. I really missed those days.. the smell of the scented candle during our dinner, the smell of the breeze, and those beautiful white sands, and "lazy ocean hugs the shore". Wish he'll propose again ;-D

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