I am a plain house wife and most of the time I get bored especially when my husband is working. Though I have this two dogs inside our house still I am so bored. Most of the time I'm always in my computer facebooking, net surfing, talking to my siblings online, chatting with my friends back home, watching videos on YouTube and of course, having fun playing online games except my official online game I also play funbrain. I played different kinds of game everyday because I easily get tired playing just one game at a time. And luckily I have lots of choices what kind of game that I wanna play. It depends on my mood sometimes though. One time when I let my husband play one of the games on funbrain, he started playing then. They have action, adventure, board game, casino (that my mother inlaw's favorite online game), dress up, education, fighting, puzzle, rhythm, shooting, sports and etc. But of course you have to register for you to earn points. They have this game called "Alice in Wonderland" that kids would love to play.. Oh I can't wait to have a kid someday. Plus their games could really help to those who have children because they have this "puzzle gormiti", music memory, arabic letters, spongebob memory matching, puzzle dinosaurs, tetword pro and etc.

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