Six months ago, I already got my debit card with the help of my husband but I'd prefer to have a credit card and were planning to get one though I am scared what if I lose control of my spending??? I hope I won't spend so much in it by the time I have a credit card. It would be so hard for me to pay it if my payments were way too high. But this is how I can prove to myself that I can handle money and credit card wisely because I don't want to be in so much debt that I don't know what to do. That would cause me so much stress. So I did some research about the advantages and disadvantages of credit cards though my husband shared some things about it.
The advantages of a credit card can offer free use of funds, be more convenient to carry than cash which is true, when you rent a car or stay in a hotel room you must provide a credit card plus it can help you to establish a good credit history so you can raise your credit score. But on the other hand, credit cards can damage your credit rating if your payments are late and it allows you to build more credit.

My husband told me the good way to help reduce what you pay on your credit card is to have a card that has a lower interest rate because based on his experienced some of his credit cards has high interest and that was the first thing he had paid off. There are financial institution now that offers at least one of these types of cards that has a lower interest.

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