Wednesday night, hubby and I went to Larry's Pizza for our dinner and we straight to the theater to watch a movie. But we search it first while we're on the way to the theater through his I-phone. And I think the movie Final Destination 4 is the best movie to watch since I've watched the whole series. This Final D4 is in 3D that really scares me to death.. The difference was.... I've watched the other part but it was just on DVD unlike this thing, OMG, It seems like it happened in front of me. Well, sounds "ignorance" but that movie was just sooooo scary. And one thing, I wasn't able to watch the whole thing b/c really I was shaking and sweating to death and all I can do is to hide to my hubby's side. And the deaths looks so painful than before. So guys, don't miss to watch it while it's still showing!

Been busy this past few days and don't have much time to spend into my computer.
I would like to thank Ms. Shy for this award though It's a little bit too late pero I tried not to forget this to post here. Thanks a lot.

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