I am not an optimist by nature. I have always looked at the worst scenario, gotten down by setbacks, fought to keep my sanity sometimes. Maybe b/c I feel very bad....
When I woke up this morning, something happened that really squeezing my chest tight. All I can think is grab the gun and shoot that thing but something on my mind tells me that "if I'm going to do that, the more I'll ruined the situation...." so I sat on my computer, refreshing my mind but I force myself to. I really really felt bad but I gotta be strong for my husband. I feel like I was in his shoes, I tried to be strong for him and praying up above to give me more strength to handle every trials that we have, strength to walk on ...when the way is dark and I am lost.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    hinde.. kung ako sayo kunin mo na yung baril. haha! joke lang ah.

    oo pray lang ng pray para malagpasan ang trials. ganun talaga. may mga dadating na epal na problema sa buhay para mas lumakas tayo :D

  2. PinkNote Says:

    love will keep you optimistic sis...=) it always works for me.. isipin ko lang na may kakampi ako, may nagmamahal sakin at whatever happens magkasama kami, i feel the positive energy once again..

    talk to hubby and tell him what keeps on bothering sure he'll kiss all your worries and sadness aa the way.=)

  3. egat Says:

    thanks PinkNote for the advice, I really agree about love will keep you optimistic.. but sometimes there are things that I have to deal with something that unexpected but you know, that's life.. as long as hubby is right next to me. I'd be fine!

  4. saul krisna Says:

    amen ate.... pero mas maganda pag kinuha mo yung baril hahahaha

  5. egat Says:

    hahahaha gago ka tlaga!

  6. mark Says:

    madrid! wahahh!
    magkita2 niya ta ddto egat..
    gabie lng kai plan mi (wd my baYukems) nga adto Spain.. wahahha! laag2

  7. egat Says:

    mao ba? nice gud! pero ambot wui la pa gani ko ka kwarta ani, mo kayud pa ko maajo..