When I was browsing on You Tube, I clicked the video of Angel Locsin on Boy and Kris talk show and one of the singer sung "Angels brought me here". OMG! I was so helpless and clueless about it! It reminds me of my past how crazy I was during my high school days about this love song... I played this song many times and wishing that it would be nice if this could happen in real life of mine. I thought I couldn't reach my ultimate dream (to become a legal wife of a caucasian) isn't that insane????? guys are everywhere but you can't blame me if my taste is caucasian.

I talked to my husband recently on the phone and he asked me what am doing and I just told him that just "nothing"! and I didn't told him about my post... all my desires, lustiness towards caucasian, back when I was in high school... that seem like I am floating in the air, and when I can hear these love song I went crazy... so I've searched this song for my bana, for him to know how much he meant to me.

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