Naloloka na talaga ang lola, I've been trying to make my blog look cool but it goes to uncool! Since I started blogging, I designed my blog on mah own, finding ways to beautify it, making it more attractive but somehow I am so confused, it's about my link badge. I adore mostly ate Jan's blog, some old bloggers too and etc. in fact I am impressed and wondering how they did it! (html badge thingy) ggggggrrrrr

Well, Egat relax! hhhmm so I decided to switch to Facebook and play "farmville" and when I saw my character with a brown hair, uhhhh I remember this next week we're going out and go to the Salon for my hairrr... yeeehhaaaw! I was quite excited then. Gonna change my image este hair lang di i! And after all, am not worried about it anymore.... no more!

2 Responses
  1. teJan Says:

    hahhaha.. makatawa man ko nimo langga oi! ala japun nimo nakuha unsaon? heheh o di preha ta... anyways i will try to learn it then tudlo-an taka..i wish! hmmmp, goodluck to us!

  2. S-H-Y Says:

    Halo girl musta? karon ra ko nasaag dri kay nglain jd ako gibati kalinturluv ko ako stop sa sa pg change2 og layout kay kadugayan mawala ako pr og busy fod ko these au diha.