I received a tag from my friend shy and thanks for tagging me gurl...

Do you think you're hot?
yeah I am! in fact, "I am gettin s00o hot, I wanna take my clothes off..." whuahahaha

Upload your favorite picture..
I always want to put my husband's name on my body, actually I am planning to have a real tattoo somewhere in my ankle b/c I want the whole world knows how much I love him. These is just a Henna... (when were having fun in Boracay)

Why do you love this picture?
I love this picture b/c just like a song TATTOO.."just like a tattoo I'll always have you"... hhhmmm though it's not real but I'm gonna make it real.

When was the last time you eat Pizza?
I think 2 weeks ago, kalimot naku wui!

What is the latest song you've heard?
INSOMNIA by Craig David

What are you doing while working on this game?
Blog Hopping while having a cup of coffee

What is your favorite nick name?

What kind of people are you?
I am the kind of person that smiles a lot! Easy to be with and feisty.

What is your favorite song?
"It's my life" by Bon Jovi

What is your favorite food?
I love Japanese Food (sushi, chicken teriyake etc.) Chinese Food, Buwad with matching suka og sili... yummy!

What is the most stressful thing to you?
Travelling from Phils to America and vice versa

Mention the 3 must have items on you purse.
Cellphone, passport and sun glasses

What is your favorite color?

What is your not-fulfilled-yet dream?
To be a "Business women" riding in a shiny Ferrari... hahaha walay mo palag!

What is your favorite city to stay?
Of couse syudad sa mga Bisaya but wanna travel to Madrid someday! Ngita sa ko daghan wawart para ka afford kow.

Please tag other five friend of yours.
Saul Krisna

Guys, grab it now and Have a nice day!

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