I got something new today... something that drives me crazy.... crazy as anyone could be...

We went to Best Buy today to look for the IMAC computer by Apple . We've been longing to have this kind of computer because it's quite expensive. At first, we search for it thru internet. I advised my husband to buy another brand but he didn't even paying attention to what I've said, coz he really likes the apple brand... so there's nothing I can do! Anyway, we choose the best computer I think, bec. you don't need a CPU on it..It is slim, all-in-one design.
Elegant, simple, and stunning, iMac packs all its components — from the processor to the iSight camera — into an astoundingly thin, anodized aluminum frame. iMac is made to create — it includes the latest versions of iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, iDVD, and iWeb. So make a movie or photo book, build a blog, compose a song, and more.

And now that I have my own computer, I just can do random things by myself without disturbing him playing on his online game.
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