We went to the Walmart one time and we're looking for my flip flops but my husband saw something interesting like transformers. Sounds funny I know but we both addicted to the transformers movie.
He owned the Megatron while I am so obsessed about this yellow car called Bumble-bee. He said that next weekend we're going to buy another transformers car collection. Isn't that crazy?
they are ready to transform....
I never thought that car would really transformed. For me, It's impossible! Well, I was quite ignorant coz thought that's just really a car.
here's sideswipe, he is ready to fight, it was assembled by my hubby. Whose just like a kid that loves robots. I just love the cars
And here is my bumble bee. The coolest car for me. I had a hard time turning him into a robot coz that was really really difficult.
Sideswipe and Bumblebee
Hahahaha mura'g bata! Palag suya! hahahaha boot? lol
He's just reading the instructions, hey men! thought you're smart enough to do it without guide? Don't be a cheater!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    ay ang galing... gusto ko din ng bumble bee. hehe.. may ganun pala sa wal-mart. ayosss!!