We pledge to each other to be loving friends and partners in marriage.
To talk and to listen, to trust and appreciate one another;
to respect and cherish each other's uniqueness; and to
support, comfort and strengthen each other through life's joys and sorrows.
We promise to share hopes, thoughts and dreams as we build our lives together.
May our lives be ever intertwined, our love keeping us together.
We will build a home that is compassionate to all,
full of respect and honor for others and each other.
May our home be forever filled with peace, happiness and love.

But sometimes, seem like I forget these pledge, I beg your pardon! And thank you for reminding me always that I love you and you are my best friend... I thank you for being there for me always, for being a listener, a friend and for cheering me up when the time somebody tried to ruined my life. We love each other and that's the best weapon that we have.... strong enough to be destroyed by a pathetic freak chiefly for material gain.
2 Responses
  1. PinkNote Says:

    Hope your pledge is still not broken..=)

  2. egat Says:

    It'll never be broken, I swear to god... I can't dare do it to the person who treat me like a princess, a human and who gave me a respect.