Got trouble moving today.... feels like I'm so fat!

Funny for my friends bec, everytime they will see me on cam, they just make fun of me.... laughing at my chickssss este cheekssss... But at least my eyes stays beautiful and round that makes me still proud of myself. hehehe

Before I meet my husband, I only weigh 100 lbs. but life was changing, I gain so much weight that I never ever notice it.... DANG IT! And I keep thinking why do I gain weight so fast????
Well, the side of my mind says... what 'bout the Sonic Blast? you just had it almost everyday... And the other side saysss... yes sorry I just forgot!... I am so rich of FAT!

Hopefully, I am tryin' to get rid of these probs of mine... It doesn't mean that I am sick of hearing friends teasing me about my chubby cheeks... It's for my own good too... But sometimes, I really can't help to bite moreeeeeeeeeeeeeee..... Well, if you don't wanna look like pig then diet tomorrow...

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