Dark Age of Camelot, is an online role playing game. I've decided to have my own character so that I could play at the same time with my husband. At first, I don't have any clue about this game, I don't even know about moving by using keys. One time, when I was still in Philippines, hubby and I used to talk sometime thru yahoo messenger while he was playing this game. He said that since I type firmly it's good for me to play his game which is Dark Age of Camelot. Well, I told him, I gotta try if I will like it or not, so he didn't expect too much from me. When I got here, he registered me to this game right away. Thu you have to pay 70 dollars good for 6 months, it's all worth it... I enjoyed the game, and it helped being bored at home. Sometimes I even forgot the time. I even miss my meal... More people, even kids are enjoying this kind of game than out-field game.

my character named hhhhmm just kindly look at her name, above of her head
I started playing this game when my husband bought a computer of my own coz we can't play together and make a group if were using a one computer at the same time.
this guy is the character that played by my husband... were both level 44 at this moment but we are coping to reach the highest level so that we could fight and survive to our battle with the other online enemy.

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