Pissed off when everything is gone on my blog list.. shit! .. As obviously, I change my layout, and it ruined my whole stuff... just like my friends link... gggggggrrrrrr I am now trying to fix it just like the old arrangement... dang it! One thing I hate about this,... is when you will decide to change your layout, just don't wish that it won't delete some sort of things... ggggggrrrrrrrrr I'm gonna start it overrrrrrrrr againnnnnnnnnnnnnn....

To my dear friends that already added me.. drop me by and I will add you again...

2 Responses
  1. cyndi Says:

    if it would make you feel better, i like your site better now. the layout is cool and the colors? hmmm, who wouldn't love pink? have a great weekend, girl! :)

  2. egat Says:

    thanks.. am juz a great lover of pink..