n little rock's zoo
pa cute sa ko gamay
gggggrrrrrr maka matay!
kani maoy kuyaw!
I am totally worn out today og walay tugpa! coz we go straight to each of our computers and play online games together but it's okay, I had fun and I spent time with my husband bec this next weekend, he'll be at work. Am still wide awake until now, busy uploading the pictures on my friendster... and taking care of our dogs... Imagine we stayed there @ d zoo for almost half day and we got home 12 p.m. bec, we also watch the movie called 'The Proposal'.. really really nice movie and stayed up for online game for 4 hours?! hhhhmmm adik2xxxxxx can't almost type the words here.... murag hubog.. cge guys.. I'll let yah go, murag knock out naku!

This is where we go right after from zoo
the amazing fire infront of us,
hhhmmm can't wait to have a bite!
as always, everywhere I go, chicken and shrimps must go into my plate

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