I just take a break from mowing right now, I could hardly breath.... hoooh!

Anyway, I finally drove a car with my husband... and that was ridiculous, were turning around the lil town before we go to Taco bell for lunch. I loved driving but I didn't own a car when I was growing up. We're not that rich that can afford a car in my country. My parents can only afford to send us to college but not a 'car'...

Hubby and I decided to have a practice every day off he'll have so that I could drive smoother... He just realize that he might need me to drive for him coz he often have his gout.... One thing am scared of wreck... while I was in the car, I breath deep and prayed... pray to god that we won't wreck! And thanks god he heard my prayers.... we got home safe. And next week,
keen to drive again...

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