I've been chasing crazy dogs of ours this afternoon. We have 17 dogsss.. can you imagine that??? 12 are in the fence outside, 1 is in the tree, but we have 4 dogs inside the house and 3 of them are girls that been stayed and sleep inside their kennel. So when I put them outside to pee, one of them run away... she was Zenny, she's so strong and aggressive dog that really drives me crazy. I tried to chase her, but I can't.. because am afraid that the other dog can run away too.. but well, I guess I've been played by my own 'DESTINY'... and one dog just gone w/o a blink of my eye and I just saw her running over the woods. I freaked out and don't know what to do. I grab my cellphone and tried to dial my hubby's work no. but I was busy thinking what-to-do. I run outside the house and chase them... they've been chasing the other animals too, like goats and chicken! shit shit shit stop stop stop... is all I can scream at them. I was so scared to death when Zenny got so close to our male dog Bouncer, were gonna have another 17 puppies if I will not stop them.... so it's gonna be 34 all in all dogsss in our house!? I tried to catch even just one of them and thanks god the other dog came to me and I grabbed her collar and put her in the kennel. So Zenny was my big big problem, she didn't listen to me... she's getting closer to the male dog...  trying to seduce Bouncer... egat jud nga iro! I am sweating all over my body just chasing that Zenny.. And to make this story short? I bend on my knees and tears all over my cheeks and say.... piskot mani wui.. mao nani, ngano ni enter?! nobody can help me but just myself alone. I almost give up! but when I decided to go back inside the house, finally Zenny followed me and run straight to her kennel. And finally I feel better, breath better... But still, I can't deny the fact that today is really my day! huhuhu I also locked myself outside when I tried to mow the grass and just find out when I needed to get something to drink.... I've waited for almost one hour for my husband to wake up and helped me... OMG! Wattta day..=(

But one thing I am so mad about is when I tell my husband about the story, he just laughed out loud ggggggggrrrrrr whatever.. anyway, I guess I'll dedicate this song to myself.. here it goes..

5 Responses
  1. dÖLL Says:

    helu.. nagsinamok napud ko diria!.. ahaha!

    ka egat jud diay sa iro uie!... wow.. kadaghan ba ana nila uie!.. pwede mangayo?.. ehehe :)

    natagbaw kag binadlong...

  2. egat Says:

    tagbaw jud.. tyabaw nalang ko kay dili na madala cge xagit ani nla.. ako pa jud usa sa balay. labaw pa og bata.. may pa ang bata ma am-aman nimo.

  3. dÖLL Says:

    aahha... lage.. laliman kag 17 ka iro... tagbaw jud uie..

    diri work imu bana sa pinas, Ganda?...

    lage.. may pag bata!...

  4. egat Says:

    naa man sya ari sa US nag work ganda.. kawata bya sya pag ingon naku nga egat iyang iro. Pwde dw imoha na tanan among iro.. hahaha

  5. dÖLL Says:

    ah... i see!.. ahhaa!

    kung mahimo isa ra kabuok kay basig manguwag tanan... kay egat baya c Zenny.. ehehe!...

    basig ako napud ang matagbaw ug tsabaw!!...ehehhee