My topic tonight is about 'Kaon' again... As in to the max!  Since am a big fan of a chicken, I love eating every minute of it... jek jek jek

When I got here in USA, my husband drag me to this restaurant called 'Wings Stop', where everything is chicken. hhhhmmm love it! they have 9 kinds of flavor and my favorite one is Hawaiian which is really taste soooooo good for me. My very first order was chicken teriyaki flavor and it was good but when I tried the Hawaiian, God... seems like I finally found my someone, este, favorite one.. and the last time we went there, I had 10 chicken wings but just recently, hhhhhmmm I ordered 20!!!!??? wuahahahahaha.. I know, I ate too much but well, I still have left overssss.. can't force myself to have a bite  if I already have enough...

This next photo is just another flavor which is "atomic".. OMG!... the one from the left, It's my husbands favorite flavor. He won't even make any ugly face everytime he'll take a bite.. when he ask me to have a try, hhhmm I didn't waste anytime and I nodded my head, he feed me this atomic wings and DANG IT! I almost throw up because it is so spicyyyyy and one glass of my sprite wasn't enough. It made me sweat! hhhmmm never gonna try it again! swear to god.

Plus the sauce, are so good.. Nice aroma, not super greasy ever..  excelente! But America still didn't have my most favorite part of a chicken... hhhmmm I've been looking for it but until now, cannot find it! It's just "Isol" sa pinas.. "Isol" is my most favorite part that I love to always have.

Last night we went to the Mexican restaurant and I just  had shrimp for a change and so far, so good.. But trying hard to go back to my diet again hopefully tomorrow.

3 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    i love wing stop! bbq is m favorite! chug it down with beer!! yummm!! LOL!

  2. Jepoy Says:

    baket hindi ko na try yang Wing Stop na yan! Wala ata sa probinsya ng Tennessee yan :-(

  3. egat Says:

    MAg abroad ka nalng para matikman mo rin!