Two days ago, were so happy just being together except last night. Since it's my hubbys day off, we went out for a dinner and movies. Last night, we took one of our dog to the ER b/c he got so sick! We just noticed that he look so weak, skinny and not responsive. He is usually the noisy and the active one. We've waited for an hour inside the animal hospital for the findings and we do some sort of stuff like paying the bills. And God! that was freaking expensive! $1200 just for a dog? Human or animals, here in America, paying the bills are almost the same and too way expensive! Anyway, when were driving home, I can tell that my hubby look so weary and worried. So, I used to be a clown everytime he look like that. I fart and fart inside the vehicle and that was sooooo loud! but that time was not a stinky fart yet! But at least he laugh for a while. When we got home, I crawl in bed next to him and we talked for a while like we always do. We consider ourselves a Bestfriend.. Hmmm and BEst Lovers too! whuahahahaha..Anyway, we are the couple that we didn't hide anything, we express what we feel and we freely fart to each other. Lol! He learned it from me, when we're in Manila for my interview, he was laying in bed and I stand close to his face and I fartttt so bad that really stinks! He screamed and screamed b/c it's so smelly and I just laugh and laugh! And last night, he's so worried about his dog and I comfort him, I wrapped my arms around his body, I covered him with the blanket and I FARTTTTTT.. He looked at me and he just smile instead. And I can tell by then that he is okay.

Is it farting makes someone you love laugh??? hahaha

4 Responses
  1. mark Says:

    daTs So Sweeeeett!

    njoy LiFe to the Fullest...

  2. teJan Says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaa! ug hehe pa jud.. it again makes me fart este laugh..hahah! atot man ka mariz oi! thanks anyway!
    hope your dog will be ok. same here in europe.. dogs are no less than human.hmmp!

  3. my katiebug Says:

    funny post... hey thanks for dropping by my page. :) cya around!

  4. S-H-Y Says:

    Your so sweet nmn girl :P.