Sunday night  we went to  Larry's Pizza and had our dinner. Since were close to the Post Office, we just drove by and there we got our Bills and also this Phone Bill. Hubby was so happy when he saw this amount $126.74. We used to pay our phone bill that cost $800-$2000 when the time I was still in Philippines. Whatta waste of money?! 3 times of everyday my husband used to call me. He is unsatisfied with chatting thru yahoo messenger. It's just so much different when you were talking on the phone than just via  net. 

He always told me before that he is struggling b/c  of his Phone Bill but "you all worth every penny" he said.  And now I am here, I still used the phone for international calls for me to able to talk to my family back home in Philippines but at least not often as he used to be.

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  1. teJan Says:

    bongga!!! heheh.. good day dear!
    ang ako word verification kay..sinsio..hahah dili tibook! kalooy!