As I've posted on my blog several months ago, 'Gaining weight'... I feel like there's no change about my figure! I keep weighing myself but still I just lose sometimes 2 lbs. or sometimes more. When Ganda asked me a favor to post a recent photo of mine, I was hesitate to include my photo here... jek jek jek shy effect kau.. 

Monday morning, my husband bought me an Elliptical Machine for me start burning off my fats. And I was so happy that he's also concern about my figure. Though he always told me that he don't care if I'll get fat, but sometimes, I don't want him to take a look to another women...maybe bec she got a nicer curve...still Am proud of myself that I got a firm chest but I just gain more weight and am suffering this belly fats.. and there are times that  I really love to eat especially food are not healthy, hhhmmm lami man jud ang bawal wui. And I can't help myself but to grab it and feed it to my mouth. And when I called my mother and telling her about my figure??? She just laugh at me, og matud pa niya.. "hahahaha I am sexier than you do now!".. whatever! 
Every now and then, I keep comparing my waist line from my past 2 years  photo which I posted earlier "finally-fall-in-love"... OMG! I wanna have that flat belly again.. I don't know if can really make it once again.

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  1. dÖLL Says:

    Ganda.. ahaha =)) nakatawa ko sa imuhang post uie... Grab masking bawal. .Tama jud ka uie.. maka tintal kau ang bawal... "kung ano ang bawal, yun pa ang masarap". Grrrk.. jogging ta ganda! ehehe =))