Gotta do some changes about myself. I had enough! So tired gaining weight, though I love to eat but I barely see myself every look at the mirror... how quaint???
I am lazy kind of person but when I saw some of my photos, gggrrrr I often screamed of it! know why? b/c I am so freaking fat! And I love wearing shorts all the time and one thing that pissed me off, it's just so tight... Then I started doing Yoga at least once a day.

Everyday I'm on my Elliptical machine burning 1200 calories.. while watching a movie b/c I cannot reach my goal which is 1200 if I will just run and thinking about how tired I am. And I am planning to play a football this next weekend or so. I can't play alone by myself... that's boring! Hopefully, it'll be fun if Mr. Mad Man will play with me. This could help me burning fatssssssss

2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    ibig sabihin lang nyan may nagmamahal sayo ng todo todo. hehe..

  2. S-H-Y Says:

    Nko parehas tau girl, I have bycycle here at home pero d ko magamit gamit tamad kasi, tumatba na din ako huhu, i need to do something about this otherwise ma jumbo na ako hehehe...