I have a confession to make; I used to be a player.

Not to brag, but as a good looking, sales associate of GUESS? USA boutique in Cebu City, I was living what they called 'LIFE'. On any given night, you could find me in one of the hottest place where I am surrounded by drop-dead gorgeous man. One of them will get such a rush from buying drinks, flirting and getting my number. Some of this men I actually meet in the boutique and went on a few dates with, but there's no string attached neither a serious commitment. 

The truth is, no man could hold my attention for very long because I knew that there was always a new, more attractive and exciting man just around the corner. And why should I get tied down when the world was filled with possibilities beyond my wildest imagination???

As they say, "don't hate the player... hate the game." I've turned into something like a player when my first boyfriend left me with no reason. That was so painful to me and I realize he's not the only guy in this world so why should I waste my tears for him?

I'll never forget the time I met Joshua. It was March 2008. I knew him through the website cherry blossom while I was in a relationship with Jayson that I also meet through 
asian dating and singles. Jayson and I spent a week together while I was working but It feels like there is somethings missing and I don't know why. So when he go back to USA, we used to drop an email everyday... Honestly, my instinct kept bothering me like I have no assurance about my boyfriend so I logged in to cherry blossom to find new guys. 

When I saw him online, I clicked his profile and he looked nothing like the man I normally hit on, he almost immediately caught my eye. At first I couldn't figure it out... by all guys online, Joshua is the youngest man whose online. He was only 35 while the rest are old. I can't blame myself for not liking man that so much older than me. I attempt to talk to him but he was quite busy so I didn't bother him at all but later on, he click my chat window and accepted it and we start talking then. From the moment we began talking, I knew something about this man was different. He was charming and sincere. And then the strangest feeling came over me-what was that egat? Oh yeah! how I wish he is my Jayson....

As my working schedule getting so hectic, I tried to get my 'GAME' back.  As the month goes by, I am dating with another guy in person again, they just became my good friends. I hangout with them with my barkada also. But when the time I feel like I want a someone?! I mean someone that I can touch not only I can talk over the net, because Jayson on that time was already in the US. I registered  to another site where I met Reggie. He came over to Philippines and met me but he was so aggressive that really drives me crazy. I was so afraid to have an Intimate-relationship with him. Because I wasn't so sure to give my all to the man whose not willing to marry me yet. But he failed to get the thing that he really wanted? He left me on the next day. I wasn't able to overcome the obstacles so I run to the internet cafe'  and talk to my online friend named Joshua. By that time, Joshua had a girlfriend Jing. Jing was just a fake, she used to pretend as a Nurse but really she wasn't a nurse according to Joshua. There are lots of things that happened to my past life... there was a time I got a stalker and many more. Joshua and I used to be good friends for 5 months. He call me often as he usually do.  Eventhough, were just 'good friends' but he told me one time that he got a 'crush' on me. 

When Joshua broke up with Jing, he left me an online message on my ym, and I tried to comfort him,listening to him  and that was the time we started getting to know more each other.  After 3 years of playing the field dreading the idea of getting "tied down, I'd finally met the man who made me so crazy about him I couldn't imagine living another day w/o him. His confidence and attitude make me certain that, unlike other man, he will always hold my interest and keep things exciting in our relationship. I can't wait to see what each new day brings.

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  1. d O L L Says:


    wow body ah!...

    am single nga...

    gawa lang poem.. eheh!

    a long-distance-relationship.. that's why we broke up!

  2. egat Says:

    ahahaha tambok na kau ko karun.. trying not to eat too much.. wanna go back to my old figure! charrott!

  3. cyndi Says:

    cute love story... just dropping by to say tgif! have a blessed weekend, dearie! :)

  4. egat Says:

    thnx 4 dropping by...

  5. dÖLL Says:

    ganda... can I have a favor?..pls. post your latest pic.. for sure.. hubag japun ka .. ehehe!.. like your figure!

    asa ka dapita sa Cebu?..

  6. egat Says:

    hahaha pwerteng hubaga... hubag kau akong bukton, hubag og bil2x... don't wori try naku post next week kay naa ko topic e post 'bout startin losing weight.

  7. JETTRO Says:

    ang ganda nman ng nasa pic
    napadaan lang po bumisita

  8. egat Says:

    ay naku salamat huh? hahaha sana mabalik ko ang dati kung ktawan...