This is about how I learned to forget, but not to forgive.  And how to forgive, but not to forget. Month of February was a month for greatness for everyone. For me, it was hell on earth. 11 months ago, I am engaged with my husband. He came over  3 times to see me. The first visit was so wonderful but I didn't put in my mind that once you have a foreigner, most of the people thinks that you are super duper RICH! though you're not! Last Christmas, I supposed to stay at home in the province and waiting my interview schedule. As a months goes by...
 someone just want a favor so I traveled from the province to the city.  I went to one of my relatives house, tried to do some arrangement and agreement.  A relative that I used to run when my father's house was burnt down.  We both need a house to lived for temporarily so that my father could keep working and I could also continue my study. I stayed there for months until my father wants me to come back to his new little home. 

I got home from the province and I took my sister with me to that relatives house and start our conversation. The agreement wasssss, asked the money  to her parents for a cake that worth 3k... but all they see in me is "DOLLARS". Her mother said that 'WE HELPED YOU WHEN YOU WERE NOTHING AND NOW YOU GOT MONEY, IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO PAY US BACK!" 3 boy2x man hinoon.. I hated to be treated like that.. you know, my parents didn't even give a damn word like that?! how much more somebody just helped you for something??? On that time, I was out of budget, the money that I had left was only 1 thousand and I don't want to asked money to my fiance because I still have my parents that can feed me. So I explained to her that I don't have enough money and I cannot afford that. But hey, she didn't even waste any time listening to me! Later on, we got home and I did something that is really necessary. I talked to the sales lady who worked at the bakery about that cake that they'll just pay it after 3 days before the birthday .

When that birthday was over, I packed my bag and I decided to go home to the province nga naay gi bawon nga sakit sa dughan. I am just a human... need to unwind. I used to talked to my husband on that time everyday. He tried to cheer me up. He was the hope, the clown just to make me happy. So he decided to go back to pinas again to forget what happened. When he arrived in Cebu, we didn't waste any time, we flew right away to Boracay for 10 days vacation. There my life was quiet, my life was full of happiness being with my husband. When that vacation was over, he flew back to the USA and the problem that I involved was getting worse. 
My friendster account was hacked and somebody's changing my shout-out.. she wrote like "I am just after the money of my foreigner. Plus, 3 of my yahoo messenger was hacked and my email addresses too.  I don't have any Idea on that time but just rely on God and I do believe in KARMA! She thought that she could poisoned my husbands brain to get rid of me by just hacking and changing every text on my friendster. I just knew it when one of my closest friend text me " wui mariz, dili ka lainan sa imong gi panulti sa imong friendster?".. And my friend proved it thru her friendsters account. Just mad when I ignore all of her messages because I really really feel bad. I pained like hell! Wala pa sya nakuntinto huh? gi apil2x pa nya akong ginikanan.. og uban pang sakit nga istorya!

The hacker was just cousin that got married to a 54 year old caucasian. according to my husband, she is sooo  pathetic and jealous...... And am not afraid of her warning.. God only knows what you are! I thought you were a GOd fearing because you used to pray every night holding with a rosary and we didn't know that you were such a DEVIL INSIDE! And no matter what effort you will try to ruined my life and relationship, you'll never win! And one month later, I still remember those day. My mother told me to do something but I said no! She might haven't meet someone that is an island, well, that's gonna be me! OVER MY DEAD BODY!

May 5th was my interview at the US embassy in Manila with my husband and I passed my interview with the helped of God. And the next following days, I flew from Phils. to USA and fulfill my destiny. 

3 Responses
  1. dÖLL Says:

    huhuh :(( ganda... lain au ng buyboy noh.... expecting things in return gani.. tas kapag naay kano... humot au ka ana.. same as me.. pait jud.. hahaiz... daghan au ug storya... pero okay ra uie... atleast... you're happy right now

  2. egat Says:

    mao jud... la sad bitaw me nag hangad sa ilaha.. bisan tuod nag kamang akong mga ginikanan para maka lampos ang ilang anak. pasalamt jud ko's ginoo nga swerte kau ko sa akong kinabuhi bisan tuod, ing ani lang dili man sad hangul og kwarta...