When I was browsing on You Tube, this video caught my attention. It's coming soooo soon,... this month of November. Honestly, I am a big fun of this movie and I told my husband to watch the twilight 'saga', so that he could follow the next story of Twilight... ggggggrrrrr and if this is gonna be like to watch this at the movie theater, am sure I'll scream to death too. Do gurls screammmmm, giggggle and applaudddd while they are watching the full movie or it's just because it's release of this clips Twilight 'New Moon' speak peek??? hhhhmmm can't wait here!!!!!

Twilight Addict,

3 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    can't wait for the movie to come out!!!

  2. Camil Says:

    waaaaa!!!! excited na ko.. papanurin ko ito pwamiz!!!!

  3. rinabecks Says:

    hi, thanks 4 visit my blog. yeah i like the twilight movie, and i have finished read the new moon, can't wait 4 the movie as well..