It's a wonderful day for me today. I finally played my favorite character that wears totally pink. I used to play these with red color attire but as my level goes higher, I have to change everything to make me more stronger such as my weapons, gloves, helm, dagger, boots and etc. She is now level 46 this morning with my hubby's character too. Unfortunately, when were ready to do our quest, some online enemy attacked me, and I got killed twice huh?! But it's okay, I can just go back to life. (How I wish that this could happened in real life too). Anyway, I may ravage many times, but I'll never ever give up until I reach the highest level which is 50 realm 10 even though it will take me long to reach the highest level, I will still stay determined to be come a sturdy reaver player someday.

I am a pinkaholic so my character must all pink too. From head to toe..
This game is a part of my spare time which I valued a lot. I'd rather not go to sleep sometimes if were in the Darkness Falls fight, but if we were just having our quest?, well, that's sounds boring... I feel so sleepy all the time sitting in front of my computer.

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