We all know that dogs have special qualities which make them unique among all creatures on this earth.
He is Turd the oldest dog of my husband. He is smart but not so active b/c of his age. He's 16 years old. Can you imagine that? It's so rare now a days that dogs can live longer. He is our inside dog. We used to put him outside to pee or to crap. He's well trained but there are times that he can't hold it and just give up on it into the floor.
Turd who always there for me everywhere I go, when I go to the bath room, bed room and etc. he's just like my tail that I couldn't get rid of him. Sometimes I almost step on him b/c he kept following me, perhaps too much but I realized he just love being with me or he just want to guard me. I love this dog though we didn't spend much time with him but Turd is always there for us. Our tiny, cuddly little Turdy.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I've always wanted a dog but I don't think I'm ready to take the responsibilities. Maybe in the future. I want a pug :D