A weekend hangout with my husband... Since he got his day off, we able to spent time together... I got a chance to sleep beside him, playing online games with him and hang-out with him.

1. Saturday; Dinner @ Chili's
I had chicken and shrimp
He had Cajun Rib-eye

2. Sunday; We went to Little Rock and had our dinner @ Chinese Restaurant

I've never been in this restaurant 'FuLin', I was just addicted to the Japanese Restaurant but when I've tried their food,.... gggggrrrrr makes me wanting more! 
And here's my husbands food

And mine, well, obviously am such a big eater... A chicken with shrimp, scallops  and a bowl of rice.... daghan ani wui!

And after our dinner, we went to Rave Theater to watch some movies....We had fun! the G.I. Joe and 'The Perfect Getaway really scared me! Sooooo scary but you'll learn some lessons.. like you really can't trust someone whose totally a 'STRANGER'.. And I told myself if you cannot even trust someone who is traitor, how much more a stranger?????

2 Responses
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  2. dÖLL Says:

    ganda...ambot ato niya uie!

    kurni na jud au xah... !

    di na nako ginapansin!.. lud na kau paminawon.. !

    gutumon man pud ta uie!.. ahaha.. muahz!